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Let's Embark on a New Adventure

#SecondWindElgin is something Randal and I have talked about doing for years. It was a short back and forth each time we added something else to our collection(s). When we would go to estate sales or auctions and stand at the check out, the assistant would ask if we had a tax ID number and I'd always say "Nope! Just crazy individuals!" Which was/is completely true. The items we liked, we bought. As time passed, we collected many, many things that we liked.

I'll bet all the collectors out there know exactly what I am talking about.

Then my parents got ill. And the family focus became taking care of Mom and Dad. Both of my parents were worried about their 'stuff' and that their children treasure it as much as they did. I was the story gatherer for many things from family items to things that had been with my parents ever since I could recall.

Last November, my Dad passed away. And the arrangements that Mom had made for herself before her illness advanced were put into play. Which meant that their house had to be cleared out. I knew my parents were collectors, but I really didn't know the extent. My siblings, children, nieces and nephews all picked out things that reminded them of Mom and Dad. But it all cannot be kept.

Tootsie Toy Cars from the 50's and 60's.

Dad liked toy cars, military toys/soldiers and cannons. Mom liked miniatures, doll furniture and glass. And Second Wind Elgin reflects them and their collections, along with reflecting a little bit of us. We are ready to share.

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